Welcome to New Providence Baptist Church!

Here’s a church update from Pastor Erik…
Dear Precious Family of Faith,
I pray that each of you are doing well and growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!  What higher honor do we have to be called children of the King, those whom He personally “called out” to be members of His universal church and representatives upon this earth.  And saints, what an awesome blessing and responsibility we have to be members of a local church, our local gathering called New Providence Baptist Church!
Since Covid-19 hit back in early 2020, and now with riots and violence in several of our country’s major cities, these are difficult, trying days indeed.  And yet, we praise the Lord for His many, many blessings.  One such blessing is that we live in a state who’s governor has not placed a limit on churches and her worship (he has handled this rightly and according to our nations Constitution… while many governors and mayors have not.).  Yet, we recognize that we were a hair’s-breadth away from having a different governor who’s liberal agenda would have placed the churches in our state in a much different position than we are now.  Churches in California, for example, are still under state-wide, state-mandated tight restrictions.  Well, one church in California has had enough and are now practicing the biblical parameters for civil disobedience… whatever the cost may be.  That church is John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church.  
SAINTS, PLEASE READ THIS STATEMENT!  Just click here on the attached Word document, Head of Church Statement.  The church in America has not faced many days like these where our own government has overstepped their limited authority by telling the church when, where, and how to worship!  BUT… it is happening and it should greatly concern us all as Christians!  
This statement is really a form of discipleship in that it is thoroughly biblical and well written so as to educate us all in this area of biblical civil disobedience.  I pray we would never have to practice this… but one day, we most likely will.  So, please take the time to read it in its entirety.  Thank you!
With that said… I am excited about another “gathering” opportunity for our church family!!
Starting this Sunday, August 2, at 9:15 AM, we will have one large Sunday School gathering in the Fellowship Hall.  This class will be for families, individuals, for whoever wants to come!
Please note:
* No nursery will be provided at this time 🙁    (thank you for your patience!!… we will get there!)
* Tables will be set up… so, if you come with your kids, sit at a table… and PLEASE be responsible for them so that they are not running around.
* Chairs will also be set up for individuals to spread out so we can continue to maintain social distancing.
* The class will run for 4 to 5 weeks and will be taught by Schel Paulk.   We will see how it all goes, and then we will go from there to see what direction we need to go next.
* No coffee will be provided…but you may bring your own 🙂  
Saints, what a joy and privilege is ours to be able to freely gather!  
Certainly, our goal and great desire is have back all of our members and those who used to faithfully attend, sooner rather than later.   If that means we need to go to two services to do so, we certainly will!  We want all coming – all comfortable – all worshiping… together!  
Praying to that end…
Love in Christ,
For those who are not yet quite comfortable to return, we understand and will continue to post the sermons on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/NPBCGuyton at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday morning until further notice.  For an added convenience, they will also be posted here on our website (see links below), on our YouTube Channel here and on the NPBC Mobile App (click to download App NOW).
We look forward to seeing you soon!
NPBC Sermon, 7/5/20
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